The Two-Way
3:01 pm
Thu October 18, 2012

On Court Order, Boy Scouts' Confidential 'Perversion Files' Go Public

A Boy Scout salutes traffic as he stands next to a flag display on a freeway overpass September 11, 2008 in Lafayette, California.
Justin Sullivan Getty Images

Originally published on Thu October 18, 2012 6:29 pm

On orders from the Oregon Supreme Court, more than 1,200 confidential files the Boy Scouts of America kept on suspected child molesters from the 1960s through 1985 have been made public.

Commonly referred to as the organization's "perversion files," they give the public a first and intimate look at how the Boy Scouts handled allegations of sexual abuse. In some cases, they show how some volunteers were booted from the organization, then snuck back in, only to be kicked out again when parents or scouts made allegations of sexual abuse.

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Local News
2:50 pm
Thu October 18, 2012

Eight Louisville Cases in Boy Scout "Perversion Files"

The Boy Scouts of America has released piles of documents that make up what the organization calls "perversion files." The files outline about 5,000 alleged cases of abuse within the scouts between 1947 and 2005.

11:57 am
Thu October 18, 2012

Special Program: BURN: An Energy Journal

The radio documentary that BoingBoing called  a "must listen" is coming to WFPL.

BURN: An Energy Journal is a two-part special that explores "the Impact of Individuals, New Ideas and Revolutionary Technologies on National Energy Policy."

Tonight (Thursday, October 18), we'll broadcast part one: Voting on America's energy future—from hydraulic fracturing to the power of wind. 

10:05 am
Thu October 18, 2012

Groups Sue to Stop Eastern Kentucky Surface Mine

Gabe Bullard WFPL

The Sierra Club and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in hopes of blocking a surface mine permit in eastern Kentucky.

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8:45 am
Thu October 18, 2012

Obama, Romney Offer Differing Facts on Energy Production

Decumanus Wikimedia Commons

Much like the first presidential debate, there was no mention of climate change in the second match-up between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. But there was more talk about energy than during the first debate.

And, predictably, there was lots of work to be done by fact-checkers in the day following.

One of the most intense exchanges of the night was over oil and gas production on federal lands. Romney said production of oil on government land is down 14 percent, and production of gas is down nine percent.

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7:00 am
Thu October 18, 2012

EPA Official, Environmental Activists Reflect on 40 Years of the Clean Water Act

One of the country's most effective environmental laws-- the Clean Water Act--turns 40 today.

The act has been setting water quality standards and regulating pollution for the nation's streams, lakes and wetlands since being signed by a bipartisan Congress in 1972.

“Before 1972, this nation approached water quality as ‘the dilution is the solution to pollution,” said Hank Graddy of Kentucky Watershed Watch, in a breakout session at the Healthy Farms, Local Foods Conference last weekend.

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Arts and Humanities
6:00 am
Thu October 18, 2012

The Big Break: The Second Shift

  • Claire takes a second job, Samantha works a festival fundraiser and Brad finds time for work and for play.

This week on our new audio diary series, "The Big Break," Louisville Ballet trainee Claire Horrocks moonlights as a teacher, while Actors Theatre apprentice Samantha Beach works a fundraiser for the theater's annual Humana Festival. Kentucky Opera studio artist Brad Raymond figures out how to make his busy rehearsal schedule accommodate his second job and his first love. 

Learn more about our audio diarists, who report in every Thursday about life in Louisville's professional arts companies.

Food and Dining
5:05 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Restaurants Face Uphill Battle for Cardinal Towne Diners

Brian Herbert

Cardinal Towne seemed like a good location for Papalinos NY Pizzeria to open a second location.

Bolstered by the success of the restaurant’s Baxter Avenue store, co-owner Shelly Hernandez says she and her husband, co-owner Allan Rosenberg, rented a space in Cardinal Towne, a mixed-use development on Cardinal Boulevard. Sandwiched between the University of Louisville Belknap campus and Old Louisville, the location had the potential to draw patrons from two distinct communities. They opened the Cardinal Towne Papalinos store in August 2011.

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Election 2012
4:20 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

October Surmise: Predicting The Next President

Fans wear President Obama and Mitt Romney masks at the Atlanta Braves-Miami Marlins game Sept. 25 in Atlanta. One of many quirky election year predictors is based on which candidate's likeness sells better as a Halloween mask.
David Goldman AP

Originally published on Wed October 17, 2012 4:07 pm

Predicting a presidential winner is one of America's favorite pastimes in an election year.

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12:49 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

U of L Finishes Mold Testing in Dorms, No Further Relocations Necessary

Students were moved from Miller Hall last week after unhealthy levels of mold spores were found.

After moving 270 students from their dorms last week, University of Louisville officials say testing for the other residence halls is complete and no further students will need to be displaced. 

All students have successfully been moved to nearby hotels or other housing free of charge, but the dorms will be closed the remainder of the semester for cleaning, officials said.

U of L investigated and found unhealthy levels of mold in its Miller Hall residence last week following a report of visible mold from a student in another building.

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