Local News
10:16 pm
Sun July 1, 2012

Storms Leave Thousands of Louisville Residents Without Power

Updated 10:00 am: 438 customers still affected by the power outages.

Updated 6:30 am: Power outages are still affecting over 6,000 LG&E customers.

Storms that passed through Louisville Sunday night left thousands of Louisville Gas and Electric customers without power. At the peak of the outages, more than 10,000 LG&E customers in Louisville had lost power. That number dropped throughout the night, dipping to around 6,000 shortly before 1 am. 

3:22 pm
Sun July 1, 2012

McConnell Grilled Over What Would Replace Affordable Care Act

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said a top GOP priority will be to repeal President Obama's health care overhaul.

But McConnell faced tough questions about what would replace the law.

When asked by Fox News' Chris Wallace what specifically are Republican lawmakers going to do to provide universal coverage to the uninsured, McConnell replied: "That is not the issue."

Check it out:

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11:52 am
Sun July 1, 2012

Smooth Sailing To Sparta For NASCAR Fans

Quaker State 400 winner Brad Keselowski (Photo courtesy of Kentucky Speedway)

Officials report no major traffic problems for this weekend's Sprint Cup Series races at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta.

It was a big turnaround from last year's inaugural event in Gallatin County.

The state and and the speedway spent $11 million on road and parking improvements following last year's gridlock that left thousands of NASCAR fans stranded in traffic on Interstate 71.

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9:00 am
Sun July 1, 2012

Indiana's Political Landscape Without Mitch Daniels "Hard to Get Used To"

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has accepted the presidency of Purdue University, starting when his term is over in January. The Indianapolis Star's Mary Beth Schneider said the move had been rumored for a while, but the  idea of Mitch Daniels not being involved in partisan politics is hard for many to imagine. "The thought of the Indiana Republican landscape without Mitch Daniels as an active player is hard to get used to," she says, "and I think it's hard for him to get used to too." Schneider joined us on Friday's Byline to talk about the move's possible impact on Indiana politics. 

10:30 pm
Sat June 30, 2012

Noise and Notes: Questioning Shanklin and The Politics of Davis' Eyebrows

Louisville Public Media

The mounting scrutiny against Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, D-2, has been the chatter inside and outside of City Hall.

Facing back-to-back-to-back scandals and stinging satire, political observers have compared Shanklin's troubles to former Councilwoman Judy Green's ouster.

But supporters are whispering that the media coverage is racially biased for focusing on another African-American lawmaker while others have argued news outlets are ignoring larger spending controversies in the mayor's office.

Joining that conversation are Chickasaw Federation President Donovan Taylor and radio talk show host Brandon Lawrence.

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5:30 pm
Sat June 30, 2012

C-J's James Carroll Says Health Care Will Be Big Campaign Issue; Economy Bigger

Thursday's Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act came as a shock to many, who expected the High Court to declare it unconstitutional. James Carroll covers the Capitol for the Courier-Journal, and he joined us Friday on Byline to talk about reactions to the decision. 


Local News
3:59 pm
Sat June 30, 2012

Indiana Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect

A statewide smoking ban signed into law by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels takes effect Sunday.

The law prohibits smoking in many indoor businesses and public spaces, including restaurants.  But bars, casinos, tobacco shops and private clubs are exempt.

Danese Pease with the Harrison County Tobacco Prevention Consortium says businesses will be expected to police themselves, but state officials will make sure the law is enforced.

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2:48 pm
Sat June 30, 2012

Student Loan Deal Pales Against Other Education Cuts

College students surrounded President Obama earlier this month when he called on Congress to stop student loan interest rates from doubling. Congress agreed on a deal to prevent the hike on Friday.
Jewel Samad AFP/Getty Images

Originally published on Sat June 30, 2012 3:26 pm

It came down to the wire, but finally, Republicans and Democrats agreed on a deal that keeps the interest rate on government-backed student loans from doubling. It will save the average borrower about $1,000 a year, but the compromise is likely to cost students a lot more than that over the long term.

The agreement that lawmakers passed Friday will keep interest rates at 3.4 percent for another year. Anthony DeLaRosa, a 23-year-old University of Colorado graduate, says it's a big victory.

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Local News
9:00 am
Sat June 30, 2012

Health Care Overhaul: What it Means for Kentuckians

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the health care overhaul, governments, businesses, providers and taxpayers are preparing for the law’s implementation, much of it in 2014.

Friday on Byline, we took a close look at the local impacts of the Affordable Care Act with  Jodi Mitchell of Kentucky Voices for Health; Anne Hadreas with the  Kentucky Equal Justice Center and Terry Brooks of Kentucky Youth Advocates.

Judging The Health Care Law
6:59 pm
Fri June 29, 2012

Doctors Applaud Ruling But Keep Champagne On Ice

"It's a great idea, health care for everyone," says Gary Small, director of the geriatric psychiatry division at UCLA's Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, "but who pays for it?"
Vince Bucci AP

Originally published on Fri June 29, 2012 4:51 pm

For people in the medical and insurance fields, the Supreme Court's health care ruling cleared up a lot of uncertainty. But by no means all of it.

By upholding the bulk of the federal law passed in 2010, the court allowed the status quo to remain more or less in place.

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