The AARP has announced its sponsorship of the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate Festival at Centre College in Danville next month. 

AARP will offer three discussions over the next month leading up to the Oct. 11 debate.  They’ll focus on Medicare, financial security and Social Security, which are considered key issues to AARP and are featured in Voter Guides released by the organization.

President Barack Obama is being criticized for using the Voter Guide in what some are calling a misleading ad to attack Republican Mitt Romney’s stance on Medicare.

AARP’s Pete Jeffries said  the AARP has been non-partisan for 26 years and it takes no position on any candidate.

“Instead we want to get voters engaged on the future of these critical concerns so that the louder the voices are from the public the more of an impact that will have on the candidates,” he said.

The Voter Guides provided by the AARP are part of a nearly $4 million two-year effort to get information about congressional and presidential candidates out to the public. This has included all 435 House and 33 Senate races and in key states additional resources are being spent to lead discussions and forums, said Jeffries.

On October 11, there will be more non-partisan activities at Centre College, including an outdoor viewing of the debate and live music.