The ACLU of Kentucky is calling on school districts to disclose their practices for letting groups  distribute literature to students during school hours.

Spokeswoman Amber Duke says the ACLU request follows multiple complaints by parents over the past few years in Kentucky. Most recently the superintendent of Logan County Schools has admitted allowing Gideon International to distribute Bibles, saying it was a long-time tradition.

Duke says in the past, the ACLU has dealt with schools individually.

“But the complaints have still been coming in so we just feel that that approach has not been sufficient to educate all of Kentucky’s public school districts that this is an issue,” she says.

Duke says the ACLU has submitted an open records request to research school policies, and they’re encouraging all school districts to address the issue by the next school year. The group says it considers litigation the next logical step.

A call to the Logan School District was not returned in time for publication.

(Image via Shutterstock.)