Jackie Green, a 2010 independent candidate for Louisville mayor,  put his hat back in the ring and announced he would run again as an independent.

But he can’t.

Green is a registered Democrat, and is therefore ineligible to run as an independent. Instead, he’ll run as a write-in candidate.

“This is a bit of a challenge because I will not be on the ballot,” he says.

If a majority of voters write Green’s name in on their ballots, he can claim the mayor’s office.

Green says he doesn’t identify directly as a Democrat, but he wanted to vote in primaries, so he’s spent most of his time as a registered independent.

“My memory is I changed the registration to an independent for the 2010 election, then I changed it back,” he says. “Registration as a Democrat doesn’t make me a Democrat. It’s just some paperwork at the clerk’s office.”

This isn’t exactly going as planned for Green, though he says he never planned to run for mayor.

“I was looking for someone else to run for Greg Fischer,” he says. “When no one else stepped up to the plate, I felt I had to do it.”

Green dropped out of the 2010 race to endorse Fischer, but he has since changed his mind again, saying Fischer has not done an adequate job as mayor.

In addition to Fischer and Green, Republican Robert Devore is also running for mayor.