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NPR addicts inhale a weekly dose of E.J. Dionne. He appears most Fridays with The New York Times’ David Brooks on All Things Considered to discuss the week’s news. Policy wonks will know him from his work at the Brookings Institution and plethora of books. News junkies can find his columns in the Washington Post.

So it was an honor to bump in Dionne at the Aspen Ideas Fest in June to discuss everything I could with him — NSA leaks, DOMA, rise/decline of the U.S., and effective government:

“If you look at people like Alexander Hamilton or Henry Clay or Abraham Lincoln these people believed the common endeavor was essential to prosperity for everyone,” he told me.

Dionne also has a new book out, “Our Divided Political Heart: The American Idea in the Age of Discontent.”

You can hear our full interview below (…and bonus points to the listeners who listen specifically for the mountains bikers who rode right behind our outdoor interview!)