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 Reverend Maurice “Bojangles” Blanchard was arrested Tuesday evening after applying for a marriage license at Louisville’s County Clerk’s office. The arrest followed a protest and sit-in Blanchard called the Southern Satyagraha, which happened on West Jefferson Street near the Hall of Justice. 

According to the Courier-Journal, protestors marched for about an hour, then went into the County Clerk’s office, where Blanchard and his partner, Dominique James, applied for a marriage license (the two were married in the Unitarian Church six years ago). They were denied a marriage license, then waited. When it was time for the office to close, police were summoned to remove them.

Rev. Blanchard is the founder of True Colors Ministry, an LGBTQ-affirming program that’s part of Highland Baptist Church. He was profiled as part of WFPL’s Defining Fairness Series in 2012.

Laura produces Curious Louisville, Strange Fruit, and other audio news stories for WFPL.