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The ethics hearing for Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin has closed with another dramatic exit by the embattled lawmaker.

Unlike yesterday, today Shanklin answered some questions from prosecutors. She told the ethics commission she was unaware her grandson was incarcerated at the time she signed his timesheet.

But when questions were directed toward her about discretionary spending practices, she—again—walked out at the request of her attorney Aubrey Williams.

Shanklin cites her Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.

By doing so the Ethics Commission may make adverse assumptions to questions that prosecutors posed to the room after she left.

Williams began the third day of testimony by asking the case be delayed, citing the city’s ongoing criminal investigation against Shanklin.

Hearing officer Ann Sheadel denied the motions.

“Thank you for your statement Mr. Williams but I will say again that the courts have been clear that due process is not violated by having an administrative agency such as the Ethics Commission handle a case in the manner in which it has been handled in this case,” she said.

The Ethics Commission likely won’t have a decision for several weeks.