Local News

The boil water advisory for parts of the Highlands following a water main break has been lifted.

The Louisville Water Co. adds:

Please note, if your refrigerator has an automatic ice machine, allow the receptacle to fill twice and discard the ice. If you have a chilled water line on your refrigerator door, allow it to run for approximately one minute before using the water.

The water company said quality tests confirmed that the water from taps is safe to drink.

As we noted earlier today, crews were working at the site of the main break, the intersection of Baxter Avenue and Eastern  Parkway. There’s a 48-inch connector piece that needs to be replaced, the water company said. The main break—which sent water flowing down Baxter after Thursday’s break—also left a big hole in the roadway.

(If you haven’t seen it, here are videos of the scene just after the main break.)

The water company expects the Eastern/Baxter intersection to be closed through the weekend.