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Author Stephen Jimenez will speak with Jaison Gardner, co-host of WFPL's Strange Fruit, tonight at Carmichael's bookstore. 

In his new book, The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder, Jimenez makes some controversial claims about the murder of Matthew Shepard, based on his years of research on the case. He alleges that rather than the result of so-called gay panic, the attack was provoked by a drug deal, and that Shepard and his killers were previously acquainted—even intimate.

This new version of events has raised eyebrows in the LGBTQ community and has been dismissed by the Matthew Shepard Foundation as the product of little more than “rumor and innuendo.”

We'll speak with Jimenez at 7 tonight at the Frankfort Avenue Carmichael's Bookstore about why he wrote the book and whether his discoveries should affect how we think about one of the most infamous anti-gay crimes in history.

Laura produces Curious Louisville, Strange Fruit, and other audio news stories for WFPL.