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The store WHY Louisville will be celebrating its eighth anniversary with its Inaugural March of the Colonels.

That means a procession of people dressed like Colonel Harland Sanders will march Saturday afternoon on Market Street, starting at WHY Louisville’s NuLu store.

The March of the Colonels starts at 2 p.m.

The group will be led by a wax figure of Sanders, the iconic KFC founder, clad in one of the Colonel’s original suits, riding in a Hoveround.

“The march, initially, it’s to celebrate eight years of WHY Louisville. And WHY Louisville is really a celebration of local artists and the creative culture in Louisville and in Kentucky,” WHY Louisville owner Will Russell said.

Marching behind the Colonel Sanders wax figure will be a group of registered Kentucky Colonels dressed in string ties and white jackets.

“I’m a Kentucky Colonel and most of my staff are Kentucky Colonels, so we’re gonna have like a special section right behind the Colonel that will be actual Kentucky Colonels that will be called ‘the Bucket,’ and then anybody else who wants to join is more than welcome, and they’ll just be behind the wax Colonel Sanders and the Kentucky Colonels,” Russell said.

WHY Louisville’s flagship store, located in the Highlands, opened in 2005. The store’s second location is at 806 East Market Street in NuLu, an area that Will says provides a unique blend of new and traditional cultures.

“With NuLu especially there’s a lot of exciting, cool things,” he said. ” I think NuLu is a nice intersection of traditional southern culture blending with creative, forward-thinking creative culture as well.”