Local News

This week, a federal district judge ruled that Kentucky must recognize out-of-state same sex marriages. We’ll talk a good deal about that decision and its ramifications today on Byline.

I’ll join host Rick Howlett to discuss the opinion in Bourke v. Beshear and what it means for the future of Kentucky’s same-sex marriage ban. Later, we’ll hear from a conversation I had this week with Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman about what the ruling means to the larger picture of LGBTQ issues. And Kentucky Public Radio’s Jonathan Meador will have a perspective on the issue from the state Capitol.

Changing issues, WDRB reporter Jason Riley and his colleagues reported on deaths in Louisville Metro Corrections, some of which may have been avoided. He’ll stop by to discuss.

 Changing issues again, we’ll also hear a feature about an Eastern Kentucky couple that, because of a unique set of circumstances, got married in a grocery store.

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