Ark Project Is Using Kentucky’s Religious Freedom Law to Sue the State

April 1, 2015

A religious freedom law, similar to the one that has recently drawn national attention in Indiana, has been on the books in Kentucky for two years and is currently being used to sue the state. Read Story


What ‘Outside Money’ Means For Kentucky’s Gubernatorial Primary

March 31, 2015

Money supporting Kentucky gubernatorial candidates from outside their campaigns will play a role in this year's primary—a new development for the state. Read Story

Demonstrators gather outside the City County Building in Indianapolis Monday, calling for the state house to roll back the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which critics say can be used to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Indiana Governor Stands By ‘Religious Freedom’ Law But Promises Fix

March 31, 2015

A new Indiana law that has set off a firestorm of criticism and threats of boycotts should be repealed or revised, says Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. Titled the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the law has drawn protests from critics who say it allows businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians. Read Story

Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, right, and his wife, T.J.

Kentucky Gubernatorial Candidate Comer Calls For Reducing Medicaid Rolls, Repealing Obamacare

March 30, 2015

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jamie Comer says he wants Kentuckians off Medicaid and onto private insurance. Read Story


Rural Kentucky Hospitals Struggling Because of Decline in Private Insurance, State Audit Says

March 30, 2015

An increase in Medicaid services and a decline in the private insurance market in rural Kentucky has hit rural hospitals hard, according to State Auditor Adam Edelen. Read Story

Ethics Committee to Investigate Kentucky Congressman Ed Whitfield, Wife’s Lobbying Work

March 30, 2015

A congressional ethics subcommittee has been directed to investigate whether U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield violated House rules in connection with his wife's lobbying work for The Humane Society of the United States. Read Story


President Obama to Visit Louisville This Week

March 30, 2015

President Barack Obama will visit Louisville on Thursday to discuss the economy, Mayor Greg Fischer said Monday via Twitter. Read Story

Ethics Panel Steps Up Inquiry of Kentucky Rep. Whitfield

March 27, 2015

WASHINGTON — The House Ethics Committee is forming an investigative subcommittee to determine whether Republican Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky violated House rules by allowing his wife to lobby staff members on issues related to her work with the Humane … Read Story

Beshear, Feds Announce $38 Million In Grants For Coal Communities

March 27, 2015

The federal government will award as much as $38 million in grants this year to assist Eastern Kentucky communities negatively affected by the decline of the coal industry. Read Story


After Heroin Bill’s Passage, Kentucky Local Governments Begin Exploring Needle Exchanges

March 26, 2015

Local governments are already moving to set up needle exchanges just a day after the Kentucky state legislature authorized the programs through a comprehensive heroin bill. Read Story


Paul And McConnell’s Opposition To Loretta Lynch Riles Louisville’s African American Leaders

March 26, 2015

African American leaders in Louisville are speaking out against Kentucky’s U.S. senators and their efforts to block the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as U.S. attorney general. Read Story

Kentucky state Capitol

The Bills That Failed to Pass in the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2015 Session

March 26, 2015

The Kentucky General Assembly passed several important pieces of legislation in the just-concluded 2015 session, including a comprehensive heroin bill and a freeze to the state’s tumbling gas tax. But with the session’s snow days, missed deadlines and divisive political views, several bills got failed to make it to the finish line. Read Story


Prop 8 Attorney David Boies: Support For Same-Sex Marriage Will Grow in Kentucky and Elsewhere

March 25, 2015

Public opinion will flip in favor of same-sex marriage—though it will take time to happen, an attorney who helped lead the legal fight against California's anti-same-sex union law Proposition 8 said in Louisville this week. Read Story


With Deadline Looming, Kentucky General Assembly Passes Heroin Bill and More

March 25, 2015

State lawmakers worked into the early hours Wednesday to pass a series of bills before the Kentucky legislative session draws to a close. Read Story