Kentucky Facing a ‘Financial Crisis,’ Gov.-Elect Bevin Says

By Ryland Barton

Bevin said the state is facing a predicted $500-million budget shortfall. Read Story

Rand Paul campaigned with his father in Iowa ahead of the 2012 caucuses, where Ron Paul finished a strong third. His son has struggled to hold on to his father's supporters.

Why Hasn’t Rand Paul Inherited His Father’s Success?


Many observers thought so-called "liberty movement" candidates might have an edge in 2016. But for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, the heir apparent to the liberty movement in Iowa, that hasn't panned out. Read Story

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Has Mixed Feelings About Governor’s Ex-Felon Voting Rights Order

By Ashley Lopez

Paul said he supports voting rights restoration but is not too pleased with the idea of a single elected official unilaterally changing state law. Read Story

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Files For Kentucky Presidential Caucus And Senate Seat

By Ashley Lopez

On Monday, Paul filed to run in both the Kentucky Republican presidential caucus on March 5 and for re-election to his current seat in the U.S. Senate. Read Story

I Voted

Felon Voting Rights Order May Boost Kentucky Democrats

By Ashley Lopez

Outgoing Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear’s executive order last week restoring voting rights for about 180,000 former felons in Kentucky could be a boon for state Democrats, who suffered tough electoral losses this year. Besides losing a gubernatorial race for only the second time in … Read Story

Jackson County 1

In Jackson County, Reliance on Medicaid and Support For Matt Bevin

By Ashley Lopez and Ja'Nel Johnson

In some parts of Kentucky, voters chose against a health care expansion that directly benefits them. The reasons why are complicated. Read Story


Beshear Administration Hasn’t Paid Legal Fees in Marriage Case

By Ryland Barton

It’s unlikely that Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration will pay the legal fees of the attorneys who sued the state over its same-sex marriage ban by Dec. 8. Read Story


Incoming Auditor Calls For State Pension Director’s Resignation

By Ryland Barton

The Kentucky Retirement Systems Board of Trustees recently extended the contract of Executive Director Bill Thielen and gave him a 25 percent raise. Read Story

during the Democratic Cucus meeting at Historic City Hall, in Louisville, Ky., on June 19, 2014. Photo by Eleanor Hasken

Metro Councilman Tom Owen Won’t Seek Re-Election

By Ashley Lopez

Owen says he's announcing now so interested candidates can begin preparing. Read Story


Felon Voting Rights Issue in Kentucky Isn’t Completely Settled

By Ryland Barton

Beshear's executive order restoring voting rights to 180,000 non-violent felons in Kentucky was monumental, but the legislative battle isn't over. Read Story

Beshear Orders Voting Rights Restored For Non-Violent Kentucky Felons

By Staff

Gov. Steve Beshear will sign an executive order restoring voting rights to non-violent felons in Kentucky who have completed their sentences. Read Story


ACLU Sues Indiana Gov. Pence For Blocking Syrian Refugees

By Associated Press

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed the lawsuit Monday night on behalf of Indianapolis-based nonprofit Exodus Refugee Immigration. Read Story

Despite a desire for government services, Americans in a new poll were clearly dissatisfied with the level of service they feel they receive.

Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Trusts The Government


Despite this desire for government services, Americans are clearly dissatisfied with the level of service they feel they receive. Read Story


Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones Won’t Run For Office In 2016

By Joseph Lord

Saying he's unwilling to give up his sports commentary gig just yet, Kentucky Sports Radio founder Matt Jones announced Monday he won't run for political office in 2016. Read Story


Fischer, Other Mayors Defend Refugee Resettlement

By Ashley Lopez

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives approved stricter security measures that could limit the resettlement of Syrians in the U.S. Read Story