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Gov. Steve Beshear has 60 days to appoint a new justice for the Kentucky Supreme Court once the state’s Judicial Nominating Commission hands over the list that was narrowed down to three names this week.

Justice Wil Schroder retired in January from the 6th Supreme Court District which includes 21 northern Kentucky counties.

The commission–made up of Chief Justice John Minton, members appointed by the state bar association and citizens appointed by the governor–is responsible for requesting and considering nominees presented by the state bar. 

Minton says the commission had around 18 nominees to research and review.

“Sometimes they, members of the committee, interview persons whose names have been submitted and of course the committee always has the authority to talk to somebody whose name has not been submitted and submit a name on their own,” says Minton.

The nominees before Beshear include Joseph Conley Jr. of Villa Hills, Michelle Keller of Fort Mitchell who is a judge with the state’s court of appeals, and Allison Emerson Jones of Prospect who is an administrative law judge with department of workers claims.