The Kentucky Community and Technical College System’s (KCTCS) board has approved a tuition increase and raises for full-time staff for next year.

The state’s Council on Post-Secondary Education still needs to grant final approval this Thursday, but the KCTCS is within the council’s four percent tuition cap.

In-state students will now pay $140 per credit hour. For students living in contiguous counties to Kentucky that amount will be $280 and nearly $500 for all other out-of-state students.

KCTCS President Dr. Michael McCall said past tuition hikes haven’t hurt overall enrollment.

“Some of our colleges are up, some of them are down. But on the average the number of credit hours and number of students has increased each year,” he said.

McCall says KCTCS can also allow a 2.5 percent raise for full-time staff because the board has acted conservatively with previous budgets. Full-time staff must meet or exceed their job requirements in order to receive a raise.

The KCTCS includes 16 colleges and 68 campuses around the commonwealth.