Washington County has passed a formal resolutions opposing the construction of a natural gas liquids pipeline across Kentucky, and the Woodford County fiscal court has unanimously voted to allow the county attorney to draft a resolution. This brings the total number of counties passing or considering similar resolutions to six: Franklin, Marion, Scott and Anderson counties have approved measures over the past few weeks.

If it’s built, the Bluegrass Pipeline will cross more than a dozen Kentucky counties. The original map showed 13, but pipeline company Williams has begun surveying in additional counties, too. The pipeline will transport natural gas liquids–NGLs–from gas drilling operations in the Northeast to processing plants on the Gulf of Mexico.

The resolutions passed by the six counties registering formal government opposition to the pipeline may not develop into any real implications for the project, because the company is mainly dealing with private landowners. But one county–Franklin–went a step further; last week, the county’s magistrates voted 5-2 on a resolution to impose a moratorium on applications for hazardous pipeline crossings of county roads. The county wants a year to study the potential effects of the pipeline before granting permission.

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Correction: This article previously stated that Woodford County had passed the resolution; the magistrates instead approved the drafting of the measure. It’s expected to be taken up at the next fiscal court meeting on August 27.

Erica Peterson is WFPL's News Director.