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Volunteers are being asked to join the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Team as part of Louisville’s new violence prevention initiative.

Louisville Metro Government is partnering with the team’s board to recruit and train the volunteers, who will complete online trainings in psychological first aid and the National Incident Management System. The request for volunteers follows Mayor Greg Fischer's appointments to the city's violence prevention workgroup earlier this month.

Members of the team will respond to a variety of crisis situations to provide resources and support to individuals experiencing stress or trauma.

Health department director Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt said there is space for only 30 people in the first class.  and individuals with specific skills including local clergy, behavioral health professionals and members of Louisville’s new Violence Prevention Work Group are encouraged to apply.

“With the violence prevention workgroup you have a cadre of individuals who are already ready motivated and interested in being a part of this team who do it to some extent but don’t have a full set of tools in their tool box. And this training will help them develop and cultivate those skills,” said Nesbitt.

Nesbitt said there will likely be additional opportunities to join the team in the future.