Indiana Democratic Senate candidate Joe Donnelly released a new television ad Wednesday that once again lampooned Republican Richard Mourdock as a heckler.

Last month, the Donnelly camp ran a spot with a Mourdock impersonator jeering the congressman from the bleachers. In the latest 30-second ad, Donnelly touts his small business background and advocates for cuts to government spending.

Donnelly also criticizes his GOP opponent for filing a lawsuit against the auto bailout and the commercial features a Mourdock impersonator driving by in a car yelling, “it's my way or the highway.”

Check it out:

Donnelly is counting on moderate Republican voters and independents to help him this fall and the ad is another attempt to paint Mourdock as out of step with Indiana.

“It clearly highlights the choice that Hoosier voters face this November,” says Donnelly campaign spokeswoman Elizabeth Shappell. “Richard Mourodck has said that he wants more, not less partisanship and wants to inflict his opinion on others. And Joe Donnelly is that common sense, bipartisan leader who is going to work with anyone and everyone.”


In response, the Mourdock campaign is calling Donnelly a hypocrite for his latest TV ad, arguing the congressman has voted for increased federal spending and sided against small businesses.       

“Congressman Joe Donnelly has become delusional about his record of supporting big government spending. Clearly, he hopes that Hoosiers will overlook his support for ObamaCare, the bailouts of Wall Street, the failed stimulus plan, earmarks and seven votes to raise the debt ceiling. With a track record like that, no wonder he’s trying to revise history,” Mourdock campaign spokesman Christopher Conner said in a news release. 

In the midst of this back-and-forth is a sign that Donnelly's attacks on Mourdock are working, at least with the donor base.

According to Politico a former donor to a super PAC that backed Republican Sen. Dick Lugar, who lost to Mourdock in this year’s Indiana GOP primary, hosted a fundraiser for Donnelly this week.