Margot Adler en Letters From 'Peanuts' Creator Reveal Bittersweet Romance On Friday, Sotheby's is putting up for auction 44 letters and 35 drawings from Charles Schulz, the creator of <em>Peanuts</em>, to a young woman he was courting.<p>The letters were written during an eight-month period starting in 1970 when Schulz's first marriage was deteriorating and before he met his second wife. During this time, Schulz, 48, wrote Tracey Claudius, 25, poignant, funny, even innocent notes in pictures and words, often using Charlie Brown to stand in for himself.<p>"On April 22 you squeezed my hand in the dark, remember?" reads one on blue construction paper. Thu, 13 Dec 2012 18:54:12 +0000 Margot Adler 2959 at Letters From 'Peanuts' Creator Reveal Bittersweet Romance