WellCare http://wfpl.org en Hospitals, Health Department Voice Concerns, but MCOs Say Groups Aren't Engaging With Them http://wfpl.org/post/hospitals-health-department-voice-concerns-mcos-say-groups-arent-engaging-them <p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Representatives of the state's health department and various hospital executives say almost two years later they are still having payment issues with Medicaid managed care organizations.</span></p><p>Speaking before a House budget subcommittee on health issues, the two groups described situations in which payment for care they administrated months ago were still outstanding claims.</p> Wed, 20 Feb 2013 19:45:54 +0000 Kenny Colston 4100 at http://wfpl.org Hospitals, Health Department Voice Concerns, but MCOs Say Groups Aren't Engaging With Them Confused by Medicaid Changes in Louisville? Group Sets up Meetings to Offer Answers http://wfpl.org/post/confused-medicaid-changes-louisville-group-sets-meetings-offer-answers <p>As Kentucky moves to a new Medicaid arraignment in the Louisville region, the publisher of the Louisville-based Medical News is organizing community meetings to help Medicaid recipients avoid confusion about the changes.</p><p>For more than a decade, Passport was the exclusive managed care operator for the region. But, starting in January, the Louisville Medicaid region will be served by four managed care operators: Passport, Humana CareSource , WellCare and Coventry Cares.</p> Tue, 04 Dec 2012 19:37:09 +0000 Kenny Colston 2793 at http://wfpl.org Confused by Medicaid Changes in Louisville? Group Sets up Meetings to Offer Answers Passport Files Formal Complaint over Louisville Medicaid Contracts http://wfpl.org/post/passport-files-formal-complaint-over-louisville-medicaid-contracts <p>Kentucky officials are once again facing the prospect of lawsuits over efforts to expand managed health care within &nbsp;Medicaid.&nbsp;</p><p>This time, it's Passport Health Plan that is threatening to sue, based on what they call broken rules and promises made to them.&nbsp;</p><p><a href="http://www.wfpl.org/post/read-passports-complaint-medicaid-contracts">(Read the letter here.)</a></p> Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:11:33 +0000 Kenny Colston 2299 at http://wfpl.org Passport Files Formal Complaint over Louisville Medicaid Contracts Medicaid Issues Leave Heavy Burden on WellCare http://wfpl.org/post/medicaid-issues-leave-heavy-burden-wellcare <p><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: small; line-height: normal; ">The departure of one of three statewide Medicaid operators next year is once again raising concerns about adequate medical coverage in parts of the state.</span></p> Mon, 22 Oct 2012 20:28:28 +0000 Kenny Colston 2102 at http://wfpl.org Consumer Advocates Worry New Medicaid Operators in Louisville Region Will Cause Problems http://wfpl.org/post/consumer-advocates-worry-new-medicaid-operators-louisville-region-will-cause-problems <p></p><p>The Louisville Medicaid region will now be home to four different managed care operators. State officials announced the change today.</p><p>Joining Passport Health Plan is Humana, CoventryCares and WellCare.</p><p>WellCare and Coventry already have statewide contracts for Medicaid and Passport has operated in Louisville for years.</p><p>Passport officials say they will still try to continue maintain their high level of care, despite no longer holding an exclusive contract for the region.&nbsp;</p> Thu, 04 Oct 2012 20:39:24 +0000 Kenny Colston 1902 at http://wfpl.org Humana, Passport Join Two Others as New Louisville Medicaid Operators http://wfpl.org/post/humana-passport-join-two-others-new-louisville-medicaid-operators <p></p><p>After decades of having one company oversee Medicaid, the Louisville area will now have four private Medicaid providers.</p><p>The Louisville area was the first part of the state to have Medicaid privatized, and Passport Health Plan has administered the program ever since.</p><p>But the rest of the state has since been privatized, and multiple operators compete for patients across the commonwealth.</p><p>The Cabinet for Health and Family Services announced today that Passport will now have competition from CoventryCares, WellCare and Humana.</p> Thu, 04 Oct 2012 19:03:03 +0000 Kenny Colston 1899 at http://wfpl.org