Teague Ridge http://wfpl.org en Outgoing GOP Metro Councilman Jon Ackerson Endorses Democrat http://wfpl.org/post/outgoing-gop-metro-councilman-jon-ackerson-endorses-democrat <p>Louisville Metro Councilman Jon Ackerson is endorsing Democrat Teague Ridge over fellow Republican Marilyn Parker in the 18<sup>th</sup> District race.</p><p>Parker was backed by the Tea Party in the GOP primary and narrowly defeated Ackerson by 37 votes. The majority of council Republicans also supported Parker over Ackerson, citing that he sided with Democrats on key issues and could not be trusted.</p><p>Ackerson says he is not switching parties, but that Ridge will be more involved and that Parker’s views against council members' use of discretionary funds will hurt the district.</p><p>"She's not supporting using Neighborhood Development Funds in the district, and I think that's a huge mistake," he says. "With the Capitol Infrastructure Funds she's talking about allocating them in other districts other than District 18. And I think that's also a big mistake. I just don't think she's going to provide the quality representation that District 18 needs."</p><p> Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:15:12 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 2097 at http://wfpl.org Outgoing GOP Metro Councilman Jon Ackerson Endorses Democrat