urbanism http://wfpl.org en TV Report Furthers Argument Between Preservation and "Progress" http://wfpl.org/post/tv-report-furthers-argument-between-preservation-and-progress <p>From the headline ("Progress vs. preservation turns into an ugly ordeal") down, <a href="http://www.wave3.com/story/20045117/progress-vs-preservation-turns-into-an-ugly-ordeal">the WAVE3 piece pit preservationists against the advancement of the city</a>.</p><p>The story, by WAVE3 reporter John Boel, was enough to spur the head of the Neighborhood Planning and Preservation Inc. to send an e-mail on Friday urging recipients to share their concerns with Boel.</p><p>Ultimately, the WAVE3 piece sums up three popular arguments against preservation:</p> Sun, 11 Nov 2012 14:30:00 +0000 Gabe Bullard 2431 at http://wfpl.org TV Report Furthers Argument Between Preservation and "Progress"