Dismas Charities http://wfpl.org en Mayor Greg Fischer: City to Create 'Uniform Policy' Concerning Dismas Workers http://wfpl.org/post/mayor-greg-fischer-city-create-uniform-policy-concerning-dismas-workers <p>Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer says the city is working to correct problems with using inmates from Dismas Charities’ halfway houses.</p><p>Earlier this month, an internal <a href="http://wfpl.org/post/audit-finds-no-agreement-between-city-dismas-charities">audit showed there was no written contract for using ex-convicts for volunteer in various city departments</a>. The report said the lack of a signed agreement puts the city at risk, and also found that inmates were not consistently signing in at their work assignments and aren't being properly monitored by supervisors.</p><p> Fischer says the partnership with Dismas is a worthy cause that helps rehabilitate inmates, and a corrective action plan is in the works.</p><p>"Remember, these folks are in halfway houses and they’re re-integrating into society as well. So that’s part of the issue. But from my perspective what we need is a uniform policy from the city and that’s what you’ll be seeing," he says.</p><p> Mon, 31 Dec 2012 18:54:37 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 3208 at http://wfpl.org Mayor Greg Fischer: City to Create 'Uniform Policy' Concerning Dismas Workers Audit Finds No Agreement Between City, Dismas Charities http://wfpl.org/post/audit-finds-no-agreement-between-city-dismas-charities <p>An internal audit could not find a signed agreement between Louisville Metro Government and Dismas Charities Inc. regarding the use of inmates from the non-profit’s halfway house at city departments.</p><p>The report includes a number of other troubling findings, including that Dismas workers were not consistently signing in or out at their assignments, did have proper monitoring of their activity and that their work logs were incomplete.</p><p>(Read the<a href="http://www.wfpl.org/post/read-metro-louisvilles-dismas-audit"> audit report here.)</a></p><p>Dismas is a non-profit group that through the Kentucky Department of Corrections houses inmates at its various halfway houses. While residing at those facilities, inmates are required to participate in community service and many work at Metro agencies as they transition to life outside of prison.</p><p>Mayor Greg Fischer's office told WFPL they were surprised to learn the city had no written contract with Dismas, and are working to address the problems and develop a corrective action plan.</p><p>"It was new information to us that there wasn’t a signed agreement. Obviously, we’ll get one executed," says mayoral spokesman Chris Poynter. "This audit clearly points out that there are deficiencies and we have developed a corrective action plan to deal with those deficiencies."</p><p> Mon, 17 Dec 2012 14:17:28 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 2998 at http://wfpl.org Audit Finds No Agreement Between City, Dismas Charities