VAWA en Yarmuth Praises Reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act <p>Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth says the <a href="">passage of the Violence Against Women Act</a> is a major victory for millions of American women.</p><p>The House reauthorized the measure with a <a href="">bipartisan coalition of 199 Democrats and 87 Republicans</a>. After months of delay and public pressure, GOP leaders surprised observers by allowing a vote on the House floor Thursday.</p><p>"I was very surprised and very pleased. I think the Republican leadership realized that this was potentially a devastating issue for them if they did not at least allow a vote," says Yarmuth</p><p>VAWA’s reauthorization means Louisville groups such as Catholic Charities and the Center for Women and Families will continue to receive federal support.</p><p>Those organizations receive about $700,000 in funding from the act, and rely on it to pay for staff positions and legal aide. About $4 million is spent on 45 similar agencies across Kentucky.</p><p> Thu, 28 Feb 2013 19:42:01 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 4259 at Yarmuth Praises Reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act