Jill McCorkle http://wfpl.org en Memory Lives On in Jill McCorkle's 'Life After Life' http://wfpl.org/post/memory-lives-jill-mccorkles-life-after-life <p>Acclaimed fiction writer Jill McCorkle introduces her readers to <a href="http://www.lifeafterlifebook.net/cast.html">the staff and residents</a> of Pine Haven Estates retirement home in her new novel, “Life After Life.” Her many characters’ lives and deaths explore the power of memory and the human capacity for self-discovery at any age. There's Rachel, a widow from Boston who chose to retire in the hometown of a long-lost love, and Stanley, who's faking dementia to avoid dealing with a strained relationship with his son. Tue, 28 May 2013 18:15:08 +0000 Erin Keane 5573 at http://wfpl.org Memory Lives On in Jill McCorkle's 'Life After Life'