State Sen. Joe Bowen en Kentucky Lawmakers to Discuss Local Option Sales Tax <p>A committee in the Kentucky General Assembly will discuss the idea of giving local voters an option to raise their sales tax to fund special projects.</p><p>State lawmakers tell WFPL they are keeping an open mind, but some cite a recent study showing Louisville is already a heavily tax-burdened city.</p><p>For the past year, Mayor Greg Fischer has been lobbying the General Assembly and others to support the idea.</p><p>The specifics haven't been unveiled, but in general a local option would allow voters to approve a temporary 1-percent tax increase that would go towards specific efforts such as new infrastructure.</p><p>A report conducted by the University of Louisville found <a href="">such as tool could generate up to $138 million in revenue</a> for the city.</p><p>Democratic state Rep. Steve Riggs of Louisville is co-chair of the Interim Committee on Local Government, which is holding a hearing to discuss the proposal on Wednesday.</p><p>He says a temporary tax is an intriguing idea, but it is important legislators learn more about the proposal.</p><p>"I'm leaning for it because I see so many other communities around the nation that do it and I love letting the citizen decide and giving the citizen the liberty to determine where there money goes without sending it to Frankfort first and then it goes somewhere else. I love that part of it,” he says.</p><p> Tue, 24 Sep 2013 18:00:00 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 6954 at Kentucky Lawmakers to Discuss Local Option Sales Tax