Kentucky Fourth Congressional District en Congressman Thomas Massie Files Bill to Repeal Gun Free Zones in Schools <p>Kentucky Fourth District Congressman Thomas Massie introduced his first bill in Congress on Friday that would repeal the federal ban on guns in school zones.&nbsp;</p><p>The measure is dubbed the Citizens Protection Act of 2013, which was initially proposed by former Congressman Ron Paul six years ago. It would repeal the Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990 and comes in the midst of the gun control debate sparked by the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in Connecticut.</p> Fri, 04 Jan 2013 21:56:07 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 3269 at Congressman Thomas Massie Files Bill to Repeal Gun Free Zones in Schools Roll Call Profiles Congressman Thomas Massie as Tea Party Wonk <p>The Beltway newspaper<em> Roll Call</em> profiled Kentucky Fourth District Congressman Thomas Massie, which shows the Tea Party backed lawmaker has a scientific background that could help in Washington.</p><p><a href="">Massie defeated Democrat Bill Adkins in the fall election</a> for the seat vacated by retiring Geoff Davis earlier this year, and was sworn in last month.</p><p>Observers are already calling Massie the "next Rand Paul," but the former Lewis County Judge Executive has his own biography that includes much more than Tea Party politics. Besides taking courses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology under liberal <em>New York Times</em> columnist Paul Krugman, Massie is known as a big of scientist for having 24 technology-related patents.</p><p>From <a href=""><em>Roll Call</em></a>:</p><blockquote><p>In person, Massie looks younger than his 41 years. He’s an unusual mix of earnestly wonkish scientist and charismatic schmoozer. He laughs easily and tells stories with verve, charm and a slight northern Kentucky twang.</p><p></p><p>Even discussing fiscal cliff policy, his voice stays even, although his passion about reducing the nation’s debt is clear.</p><p>“I think the cuts need to happen,” he said, noting that he supports the GOP position to redistribute the cuts embedded in sequestration. “But if we can’t, they still need to happen.” Sat, 22 Dec 2012 18:44:45 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 3107 at Roll Call Profiles Congressman Thomas Massie as Tea Party Wonk Massie Receives Committee Assignments <p>Kentucky Fourth District Congressman-elect Thomas Massie has been assigned to the powerful <a href="">House Committee on Transportation and&nbsp;Infrastructure</a>.</p><p>The committee is led by fellow Republican Congressman John Mica of Florida, and has jurisdiction over all modes of transportation. It also has oversees infrastructure such as clean water, the transport of natural resources by pipeline, flood damage reduction and disaster preparedness and response.</p> Tue, 04 Dec 2012 13:10:00 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 2785 at Massie Receives Committee Assignments Adkins Demands Massie Disavow Super PAC Over Director's DUI Arrest <p>In Kentucky&#39;s Fourth District congressional race, Democratic candidate Bill Adkins is demanding Republican Thomas Massie renounce a super <span class="caps">PAC</span> over its executive director pleading guilty to driving under the influence.</p><p>Earlier this week, <em>The Courier-Journal </em>reported that Liberty For All leader Preston <a href="">Bates faced DUI charges</a> from an incident in July 2011. The police report said Bates crashed his car into a fence, told officers he was an &quot;anarchist&quot; and had a blood alcohol level of 0.121 percent, which is above the .08 percent legal limit.</p><p>Bates&#39;s attorney entered a guilty plea for the 23-year-old on Wednesday. He will pay a fine and have his driver&#39;s license suspended for 30 days.</p><p>In the crowded GOP primary, Bates led the<a href=""> Texas-based super PAC, which put in over $500,000 to support Massie</a> over his opponents.</p><p>In a statement, Adkins says Massie needs to tell the group to get out of Kentucky and argues their positions are &quot;un-American&quot; due to Bates&#39; comments.</p><p>&quot;I call upon Tom Massie to disavow the Ron Paul/Texas Liberty For All SuperPAC Tell them to leave Kentucky and stay out of this race for Congress,&quot; he says. &quot;Liberty for All and its leaders are far out of touch with the values of Kentuckians in the Fourth District. Their executive director is a confirmed anarchist. Anarchists do not believe in any authority, anarchists have no respect for government and anarchists often use violent means to achieve their goals. Their positions are un-American.&quot;</p><p> Thu, 19 Jul 2012 00:45:00 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 1060 at Super PACs May Give Massie Edge in Fourth District Primary <p>&nbsp;</p><p>The most competitive primary in Kentucky will come to an end Tuesday.</p><p>Seven Republicans are vying to replace retiring incumbent Geoff Davis in the Fourth Congressional District. County judge-executives Gary Moore and Thomas Massie and state representative Alecia Webb-Edgington are considered the frontrunners. Those three have raised the most money and former GOP operative Les Fugate says they&nbsp;have the best organizations. But he says outside help from two Super PACs has tilted the odds in Massie&#39;s favor.</p> Sun, 20 May 2012 09:09:00 +0000 Kenny Colston 390 at In Kentucky's Fourth District, Candidates Make Final Push for Votes <p>&nbsp;</p><p>With one week to go before Kentucky&#39;s primary, the seven GOP candidates vying to replace Congressman Geoff Davis are making their final pitch for votes.</p><p>Gary Moore, Thomas Massie and Alecia Webb-Edgington are considered the frontrunners, based on endorsements and financial reports.</p> Tue, 15 May 2012 18:09:00 +0000 Kenny Colston 371 at Moore Launches First Attack Ad Against Massie In Fourth District Primary <p>&nbsp;</p> Tue, 08 May 2012 15:16:00 +0000 Kenny Colston 364 at Gun Rights Groups Make Conflicting Endorsements In Fourth District Primary <p>&nbsp;</p> Mon, 07 May 2012 22:00:00 +0000 Kenny Colston 363 at Moore Picks Up Second Pro-Life Endorsement in Fourth Congressional District Race <p>&nbsp;</p> Sun, 06 May 2012 14:30:00 +0000 Kenny Colston 361 at Internal Poll Shows Massie Leading Packed Primary <p>Republican congressional candidate Thomas Massie released an internal poll showing him leading the crowded primary race for Kentucky&#39;s Fourth Congressional seat.</p><p>The poll of approximately 800 likely voters conducted by Wenzel Strategies shows Massie up by 10 points over state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington, who comes in second. Massie gobbles up 32 percent, Webb-Edgington has 22 percent and Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore finishes third with 17 percent. The other four GOP candidates come in with single-digit numbers among them approximately 800 likely GOP voters.</p><p>From <a href="">Wenzel Strategies</a>:</p><blockquote>The survey shows Massie leads in all regions of the district except Louisville, where he and Webb-Edgington are tied at 19% support. Massie also leads among men and women. He also leads among self-identified TEA Party conservatives, which comprised 55% of the survey sample. Among TEA Party conservatives, Massie wins 42%, compared to 18% for Webb-Edgington and 12% for Moore.</blockquote><!--more--><p> Tue, 24 Apr 2012 14:49:08 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 38 at