No Dots Campaign en James, Hamilton Launch Anti-Violence Campaign to Reduce Shootings <p>Louisville Metro Council members Cheri Bryant Hamilton, D-5, and David James, D-6, are partnering with anti-gang advocates in a new anti-violence initiative.</p><p>The &quot;No Red Dots&quot; campaign seeks to educate at-risk youth and adults about conflict resolution and train neighborhood leaders in mediation. It is named after the red dots Metro Police used to indicate shootings on crime maps. According to Metro Police statistics there have been&nbsp; approximately 70 shootings and 20 homicides this year.</p><p>James says the high concentration of those crimes were committed in west Louisville and the escalation is alarming, adding there is no panacea to violent crime.</p><p>&quot;This is designed so that we don&rsquo;t have more red dots on our maps that show where people have been shot,&quot; James told WFPL. &quot;There is not one single thing that we&rsquo;re going to do that&rsquo;s going change the violence levels, it&rsquo;s going to be a holistic approach that&rsquo;s going to have to be taken.&quot;</p><p> Mon, 11 Jun 2012 12:30:00 +0000 Phillip M. Bailey 606 at