Earlier this month, WFPL reported on the increased student enrollment at the Montessori School of Louisville, which more than doubled the number of students it serves.

Montessori education is an approach that combines grade levels in the same classroom and uses hands-on learning techniques to teach students.  

We have since received the enrollment numbers in Jefferson County Public Schools’ three Montessori programs and thought we’d share them.

Westport Middle School Principal Staci Eddleman says she has seen increased enrollment in her school, which offers Montessori as a magnet program. Westport’s enrollment has increased every year since its inception in 2011, partly because the first cohort of Montessori students began in sixth grade and are making their way through the program.

This year Westport expanded its program was was allowed to accept more in its sixth grade class than previous years. Eddleman says they would like to expand the program again next year.