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Former Courier-Journal  Vice President of Circulation Mike Huot was laid off last year, and is now suing the C-J and parent company Gannett for age discrimination.

Huot's total compensation was over $300,000, according to Gannett Blog. His lawsuit alleges that the paper brought in a younger employee to replace him. 

Today, Gannett Blog posted a copy of Huot's lawsuit.


No wonder he sued: GCI offered him severance of 25 weeks' pay — his base salary was $224,000 — plus his prorated 2011 bonus, equal to $32,400, according to the complaint.
Bear in mind that, with stock awards, Huot's total annual compensation was $300,000 or more.
That severance offer was what you'd expect GCI to give to a Joe Anybody employee — not a high-level executive with decades of tenure who'd won at least 13 coveted President's Rings.
To keep costs down, Gannett has instituted a number of buyouts and layoffs, which eliminate higher salaries in the organization (bonuses may be a different matter). But, the plan has led to other suits like Huot's. Recently, an Indianapolis Star employee filed an age discrimination suit after being let go, then replaced by a younger writer. A similar suit was also filed for layoffs at the Cincinnati Enquirer.