Greater Clark County Schools teachers and staff can now visit a new medical clinic for their basic healthcare needs.

Officials say they hope the new clinic will save the district as much as $1 million in healthcare costs this year, while also having the potential to lower insurance premium costs for employees in the future.

The idea was Tom Dykiel’s, chief financial officer for GCCS. He says began exploring the concept of a school district medical clinic while at his former district in northwest Indiana.

The clinic that officially opened last week offers GCCS employees a chance to treat minor aches and pains and get generic drugs, he says.

“They basically will save the co-pay of seeing the doctor, so that’s money in their pocket. If they need prescription drugs it’s a one stop shop and there’s no co-pay for that, they’ll get a generic drug,” Dykiel says.

Employees must visit specialty doctors for all other healthcare needs, he says. 

Last year, GCCS spent about $10 million for employee healthcare and Dykiel estimates the clinic could save the district 10 percent of those costs.

The company Wellness for Life is administering the program, which is located in the River Ridge Commerce Center, and is open five days a week, closed on Sundays and Thursdays.

Dykiel says he would like to see the clinic expand in the region and have GCCS potentially partner with neighboring districts to save even more money by opening it up to their teachers and staff.