A bill reauthorizing a Christian health sharing ministry in Kentucky has cleared a House committee after the insertion into the bill a provision for more disclosure to possible members of the group.

Senate Bill 3, known as the Medi-Share bill, would re-legalize Christian Care Medi-Share to operate in Kentucky after courts ruled them illegal and kicked them out.

Medi-share is a health sharing organization, which means members pay a fee every month to help cover others’ medical bills. And in return, their medical bills would be covered, although there are no guarantees.

Sen. Tom Buford, a Nicholasville Republican and the bill’s sponsor, said Kentucky’s two current health sharing groups, plus Medi-Share, are fine with the House changes.

“These ministries  and these programs will be able to continue in Kentucky without the objection of the Department of Insurance. And that’s why we are acceptable to the committee substitute,” he said.

After the changes were made to the bill, Kentucky Insurance Commissioner Sharon Clark said she doesn’t have a problem with the bill either

“There were issues but with the language that is included in this bill in the committee substitute the department feels it gives sufficient disclosure information to the consumers of the Commonwealth,” she said.

The bill now moves to the House floor for a vote.