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The Louisville Improvisors host their 13th Improvapalooza Saturday at the Kentucky Center. The production is the troupe’s annual celebration of the thrills and dangers of improvisational comedy.

The troupe will perform, and they will also welcome “The Black Version,” an improv sketch comedy show that originated at The Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles. Featuring an all-African American cast of Groundlings alumni and performers from television’s  “Reno 911,” “Community” and “Saturday Night Live,” the comedians will begin their show by asking the audience for the name of a popular film. The cast then creates and acts out, on the spot, “the Black version” of said film. 

WFPL’s Erin Keane spoke with Louisville Improvisors Chris Anger and Jenni Cochran this week about the rules for good improv, what makes a situation funny and acting without a safety net. 

An interview with Chris Anger and Jenni Cochran of The Louisville Improvisors.