The Indiana legislative panel formed to reconsider the state’s adoption of the Common Core standards has not decided whether the state should accept or reject them, according to our friends at Indiana’s State Impact project.

In 2010, the Indiana Board of Education approved the standards—which have also been adopted by 45 other states—but since then Indiana and other states have challenged whether the standards are right for them.

The panel charged with reviewing Indiana’s academic standards held its final scheduled meeting this week—completing its obligation under a state law passed earlier this year—but it made no final decision on what the state should do with the Common Core standards, a decision that would ultimately be decided by the state board of education.

The panel didn’t have the votes to pass along the recommendations that Indiana remove itself from implementing the Common Core, State Impact reported. Another proposal is still being worked on, but the panel would need legislative approval to hold more than three meetings, as outlined in the initial law.

The state board of education will hold three public hearings before voting on how to proceed next year.