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Not only is this my last day at Louisville Public Media as a  summer fellow, but it’s also National Relaxation Day. Let me tell you, after a summer of running around the city taking photos, a day of relaxation sounds great.

To celebrate, I compiled some of my favorite stills from this summer of people relaxing in Louisville. Sure, a cow may not be the most ideal place to nap, but when you need to relax, you need to relax.

Fatima Alabisalim took a nap against a cow after being up all night setting up for the exposition at the Kentucky State Fair on Thursday.

A man rested outside a University of Louisville building during the summer session in June.

Litce Delacruz, 32, hung over the edge of the waterfall at Waterfront Park in June.

Nick Platt, 25, napped between sets at Forecastle Festival in July.