Arts and Culture

The Kentucky Arts Council is working on a study of the state’s creative industries. The study, which is being conducted by Massachusetts-based Mt. Auburn Associates, will collect economic impact data concerning the arts in Kentucky as well as case studies of successful creative industry and community initiatives and projects. A report will be issued in October. 

The Arts Council is asking for input from artists, arts groups, arts supporters and the general public on the state of Kentucky’s arts. The information gathered will be used in the creative industries study and in the Arts Council’s upcoming strategic plan. 

The surveys are open to anyone, but the council is actively seeking input from creative professionals. For the purposes of these surveys, “the arts” are defined broadly and include visual art and craft, graphic design, film and media, folk arts, writing, advertising, music, theater, web design, product design, dance, architecture, interior design and other employment in the arts spectrum. 

Take the Creative Industries survey.

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