Local News

The Kentucky State Fair will begin hiring temporary employees on Monday for this month’s festivities. 

The Fair needs 750 employees to work from mid-August to the end of the month. Some employees will need to work after the Fair closes on Aug. 25 for clean-up.

 The jobs will pay about $7.25 per hour, said Amanda Storment, a spokeswoman for the fair.

“There’s several different things we need—positions that we need to have filled,” Storment said. “It includes maintenance, grounds, housekeeping, the admission gates and tram drivers. The trams that you see going around the fair—we need drivers for those.”

The first opportunity to apply is Monday morning at the Kentucky Exposition Center South Wing C. People interested in applying need to bring a photo ID and must be at least 18.

Temporary workers will continue to be hired throughout the fair, Storment said.

“We’re constantly hiring and re-hiring. It’s such a large event it really does take a lot of part-time people,” she said.

The fair starts Aug. 15. 

Nearly 600,000 patrons attended the 2012 Kentucky State Fair.