Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday is calling the early results of the state’s accountability process promising—he says public school students may post their best results ever in two major categories.

The Kentucky Department of Education implemented its new accountability system in 2012. When this years results are released–which is expected to happen at the end of this month–it will be the first time schools and districts can measure the certain results, like college-and-career readiness, against a previous year.

Holliday says in a couple of weeks he expects to make public the state’s graduation and college-and-career readiness rates,  both of which are a large part of how Kentucky determines successful schools and students.

“The results this year are probably going to show the highest graduation rate and highest rate of college-career graduates in the history of Kentucky public schools,” he says.

Local districts and schools are still confirming their data but the results look promising, Holliday says.

Last year, just less than half of Kentucky public school students were college and career ready and the graduation rate was 78 percent. This year, the formula used by the state to calculate graduation rates is changing to a more accurate count  that’s being used by all other states.