KY Grad Rates Make Small Gains, JCPS Continues Struggle

While Kentucky students as a whole made small gains in graduation rates during the 2010-2011 school year, Jefferson County Public Schools students fell slightly backwards in most major categories.

In all major categories–including gender and race– JCPS continues to fall at least 7 percentage points behind the state. This has been consistent with the four previous years the Kentucky Department of Education has provided.

The JCPS total graduation rate dropped from 69.3 percent in 2010 data to 67.8 percent in 2011 bringing the number closer to its 2008 rate of 67.7.

For females, the highest performing group in JCPS, the number dropped to 73.7 in 2011 from 74.7 percent the previous year. JCPS females still fall behind the state’s female rate of 81.8.

For males, the 2011 rate fell to 62.4 in 2011 from 64.1 in 2010. 

The district’s white students were the highest performing at 71.8 percent in 2011, falling from 73.4 the previous year, but still fell well behind the state’s 79.1 percent.

Other data provided by the Kentucky Department of Education


2011: 71.8

2010: 73.4

2011 (KY): 79.1

African American students were the lowest performing of the race group:

2011: 62.7 percent

2010: 64.2 percent

JCPS Hispanic students made no gain, the state’s rate jumped:

2011: 73.2

2010: 73.3

2011 (KY): 83.6

2010 (KY): 74.7


2011: 90.9

2010: 98.4

2011 (KY): 98.1

2010 (KY): 100