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The Louisville Orchestra announced a new multi-year labor agreement with its musicians today.

The one-year bridge agreement that ended the orchestra’s 11-month labor dispute last April called for a 30-week season for 57 players. The agreement also required an orchestra consultant who would make binding employment recommendations for the musicians and management policies, as well as ensure a multi-year agreement.

Consultant Peter Pastreich assisted with the new three-year agreement, which maintains the 30-week season for either 55 or 56 salaried musicians. Musician pay will remain at current levels for years one and two, and increase three percent in year three. 

In a release, violinist and Musicians’ Orchestra Committee chair Kimberly Tichenor called the wage freeze “economically painful” but said the musicians “understand the value of a reinvigorated board of directors, consultant Peter Pastreich and the management resources he has helped put in place that will keep us moving forward as the Orchestra selects a new music director.” 

In the same release, board president-elect James Welch called the agreement “a responsible settlement that enables the board to go forward in the rebuilding process of the Louisville Orchestra. The musicians have made a clear commitment to the organization and the community.  We embrace them as we commit to a long-term sustainable future together.”