Community Environment

Louisville Metro Government is seeking information about how city residents use their vehicles, in an effort to collect data that could make Louisville an easier place to use and own electric vehicles.

The survey asks residents how much they spend on gas and whether they own an electric vehicle. If not, respondents are asked what factors would make them reconsider their car choice. For electric vehicle owners, the survey asks what they enjoy the most about their car. Run by Louisville’s Air Pollution Control District, the survey is part of the city’s Drive Clean Louisville initiative.

APCD spokesperson Thomas Nord said the survey results could both help Louisville and attract business.

“It’s still a better benefit, when you run the numbers, to have electric vehicles. [They] are still cleaner overall than gasoline powered vehicles,” Nord said. “Twenty years ago, it was much harder to get an electric vehicle … but now, all the major automakers are embracing electric vehicles.”

Stuart Ungar sees that trend too. Ungar is president of EVolveKY, a group advocating electric vehicles in Louisville. He says interest in the technology has grown, and those vehicles are more affordable than before.

“We can say with confidence that we’re in a time when the vast majority of people that need to have a vehicle for personal transportation can step up and afford one,” Ungar said. “If you get more [electric vehicles] out there, it can make a huge difference.”

The survey ends Dec. 31. Here’s a link.

Kyeland Jackson is an Associate Producer for WFPL News.