Arts and Culture

Every year, the Louisville Visual Art Association partners with the University of Louisville Hite Art Institute to host a high-end art auction to raise funds for LVAA’s children’s fine art classes and U of L’s Mary Spence Nay Scholarship. This year, they’re adding an art sale on the morning of the auction.

The By-Bye-Buy Art Sale begins at LVAA’s @PUBLIC Gallery, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday, April 13. 

LVAA gave the artists uniform 8″x8″ framed canvases, though not all turned them into paintings. Light installations, sculptures, mixed-media pieces, beadwork and yarnwork are also included.

But more significantly, they’re all the same price. 

“Whether you’ve been an artist who has shown in New York City and all over the world and sold your pieces for thousands of dollars or you’ve just graduated from U of L’s Hite Art Institute and this is the first time you’ve had a piece in a show, it levels out the entire playing field and has a community, communal feel,” says event co-chair Mo McKnight Howe of Revelry.

Each piece will be sold for $100, which is a bargain for a piece by a highly-collectible artist like, say, Chuck Swanson, who is among the artists participating. But buyers won’t know whose work they’re paying $100 for until they complete their purchases. Could be a Billy Hertz, whose Italian landscapes sell for thousands, or it could be a funky, fun piece by up-and-comer Lyndi Lou. 

“Potentially, you could buy a piece that’s worth $1000 for a hundred dollars,” says Howe. “You could really have someone special in your art collection for a hundred dollars. For someone young and starting their art collection, to have a Tim Faulkner piece, have a Russell Hulsey piece in their collection, it would be huge.”

Sales are first-come, first-served. LVAA and the Hite will still host their annual art auction that evening. They will auction works by eight local artists and “art experience” travel packages to New Orleans, Cincinnati and Louisville.