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Louisville has seen fewer homicides three-quarters of the way through 2013 than it had during the same time period in 2012.

So far, 42 people have been the victims of homicide in Louisville Metro Police's jurisdiction. Last year, the number was 50 people. 

Here's a map of where homicides have happened in Louisville to date:

Police have made arrests in 49 percent of the cases from this year.

The last victim was Antoinette Finch, who died Saturday in the Russell neighborhood. The case is still open, LMPD said. Finch was 32.

The average age of Louisville homicide victims is 33. The oldest was 70-year-old Houston McCorkle, who died June 10 on the 100 block of South 33rd Street. The youngest is identified only as Baby Price, a newborn found dead on Aug. 8 at a Kohl's department store off Preston Highway.

Last month, the FBI released a study showing an overall drop in crime for LMPD from 2011 to 2012—but a spike in aggravated assaults and homicides. (You'll find graphics there showing multiyear comparisons for violent and property crimes, plus statewide states.) I also spoke with LMPD Chief Steve Conrad about the numbers.