Louisville Metro Council President Jim King, D-10, announced Thursday the chairs and vice chairs of the council’s committees for 2013.

Along with the standing committees and two ad hoc panels created last year, King says a new Intergovernmental Committee will be formed. 

Councilman David Yates, D-25, suggested the creation of the new panel, which will work to strengthen the council’s relationship and ties with state lawmakers in Frankfort and federal leaders Washington D.C.

“This  will work to build a relationship with our Jefferson County legislative delegation and make recommendations for change to our state governance statutes under (state) law that created merged government,” King said in a news release. “I anticipate this committee will also work with the mayor’s office to review other statutes that affect Metro Louisville, such as local option taxes and federal issues as well.”

The committee leaders are as follows:


Chair, Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5), Vice Chair Jerry Miller (R-19)


Chair, Marianne Butler (D-15), Vice Chair, Kelly Downard (R-16)


Chair, Rick Blackwell (D-12), Vice Chair, Marilyn Parker (R-18)


Chair, Robin Engel (R-22), Vice Chair, Dan Johnson (D-21)

Community Affairs

Chair, Barbara Shanklin (D-2), Vice Chair, Cindi Fowler (D-14)

Public Safety

Chair, Kevin Kramer (R-11), Vice Chair, David Yates (D-25)

Government Accountability & Ethics

Chair, Jerry Miller (R-19), Vice Chair, Madonna Flood (D-24)

Health, Education and Housing

Chair, Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13), Vice Chair, Mary C. Woolridge (D-3)


Chair, Tina Ward Pugh (D-9), Vice Chair, Tom Owen (D-8)

Labor/Economic Development

Chair, David Tandy (D-4), Vice Chair, Stuart Benson (R-20)

Public Works, Bridges & Transportation

Chair, Tom Owen (D-8), Vice Chair, Robin Engel (R-22)

Planning, Zoning, & Land Development

Chair Madonna Flood (D-24), Vice Chair, Glen Stuckel (D-17)

Ad Hoc Committees:

Vacant Properties

Chair, Kelly Downard (R-16), Vice Chair, Attica Scott (D-1)

Land Development Code

Chair, James Peden (R-23), Vice Chair, Brent Ackerson (D-26)


Chair, David Yates (D-25), Vice Chair, Ken Fleming (R-7)