At an event in New Hampshire Thursday, Bush said there "ought to be common ground" between Kim Davis being able to "act on her conscience" and for gay couples to be allowed to be married.

Presidential Candidates Take Sides On Support For Kentucky Clerk

September 4, 2015

The controversy has divided the crowded campaign trail into those who stand with Kim Davis, and those who don't — plus one in the middle. Read Story


Recreation Advisory Issued After Algal Blooms Found in Ohio River

September 4, 2015

The blue-green algae can irritate your skin if you’re exposed to it for a prolonged period. The algae can also cause nausea and other gastrointestinal problems. Read Story


Rowan County Clerk Brings National Focus To Small Town Jail

September 4, 2015

Protesters are gathering Friday at the Carter County Detention Center, where defiant Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is being held in contempt for refusing a judge’s order to issuing marriage licenses. Read Story


For Fifth Day in a Row, Unhealthy Air Expected Saturday In Louisville

September 4, 2015

Sensitive groups include people with asthma or lung disease, the elderly and small children. Read Story

football field

College Football Is Back. Here’s A Quick Guide To The U of L, UK And IU Openers

September 4, 2015

After a preseason of practices and scrimmages with his teammates, Louisville's L.J. Scott is eager to face an opponent. Read Story


What To Look For From Louisville’s Arts Scene This Fall

September 4, 2015

Here are some of the highlights from the upcoming season. Read Story

rowan county couple marriage license

LATEST: Rowan County Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Invalid, Attorney Says

September 4, 2015

James Yates and William Smith Jr. were issued the license shortly after the clerk's office opened in Morehead on Friday. Read Story


‘War on Coal’ Rhetoric is Strong at Hearing on Coal Pollution Rules

September 4, 2015

Residents offered their two-minute takes on a thousand-page federal coal mining regulation that’s been years in the making. Read Story


University of Kentucky Investigated For Sexual Assault Cases

September 3, 2015

The University of Kentucky has a joined a lengthy list of universities being investigated by the federal government for their handling of sexual assaults. Read Story


Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis Sent Back Into Custody

September 3, 2015

Davis has made national headlines this summer for her refusal to issue marriage licenses over the same-sex marriage issue. Read Story


Activist Accuses Attorney General of Ducking U of L Board’s Race Issue

September 3, 2015

This afternoon, the Rev. Milton Seymore — pastor of Energized Baptist Church and chairman of the Justice Resource Center — plans to protest outside the U of L board meeting in Grawemeyer Hall. Read Story


Council Members Urge Quicker Action On Mowing Abandoned Lots

September 3, 2015

Metro Council members are taking umbrage with excessively tall grass on vacant lots in the city. Read Story

Kim Davis

Who Is Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis?

September 3, 2015

This week, Davis spent much of her days with her office door shut and the blinds down, avoiding people and the media spotlight. Read Story


Sick & Tired: Shortage of Black Doctors Affects Patient Care

September 3, 2015

Dr. Valerie Emuakhgbon stands with a group of residents huddled around a desk at University of Louisville Hospital. The small group of physicians is discussing a burn victim in the intensive care unit. Read Story