The Next Louisville: Community Health

In Louisville, residents of the poorest neighborhoods have the lowest life expectancy. Diabetes in areas without stores that sell fresh fruit and produce are two to three times higher than the city average. Statewide, obesity rates are high and the chances many unhealthy residents can find and afford care are low.

Because of all this and more, WFPL News is devoting more coverage to community health. Through in-depth investigative reports, radio features, data analysis, panel discussions, interactive events and frequent web posts, The Next Louisville: Community Health will help to ignite community discussion and form a clear picture of Kentucky's health and the issues surrounding it.

Ja'Nel Johnson has been hired as WFPL's community health reporter. Ja'Nel's last role was as news director of KVNO News in Omaha, Neb. She starts in Louisville in September. Here's more about her.

She will focus on all aspects of health and healthcare in the region, from institutions to legislation to individuals. The Next Louisville project is a partnership of WFPL News, the Community Foundation of Louisville, and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.