Louisville tap water is safe to drink and there is no methylcyclohexane methanol—or MCHM—detected in the Ohio as of Saturday, according to officials with the Louisville Water Company.

A chemical plume made its way down the Ohio River after a spill in West Virginia last week that contaminated the water for nine counties there.


By Friday, the plume had reached Louisville and officials say there were small amounts of MCHM in the river, but well below the amount deemed dangerous by the Centers for Disease Control, though pregnant women were cautioned against drinking any water that contained traces of the chemical.

By Saturday there was no detection in the Ohio, officials say, and carbon treatment of the water is successfully removing any traces at the Crescent Hill filtration plant, Louisville Water officials also say.

Officials add there is no public health concern, but that they’ll continue to treat the water and monitor it for any dangerous chemicals through the weekend.