Arts and Humanities
4:30 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Page-turner on Stage: Theatre [502] Opens Thriller 'Edgewise'

Ian Weber and Michael Mayes in Theatre [502]'s "Edgewise."
Credit Theatre [502]

Louisville’s Theatre [502] continues its third season this week with a speculative war thriller set in a fast food restaurant. Written by Eliza Clark, “Edgewise” is set in a near-future dystopian America in the grips of a global war. Against this chaotic backdrop, three teenagers report to work at a fast-food burger chain. 

"Somebody's got to turn the fryers on," says director Mike Brooks. "Folks are going to work and they're going to hit the drive-thru whether there's an air strike going on or not." 

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3:31 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Is There Enough Demand For Two Natural Gas Liquids Pipelines Through Kentucky?

Kinder Morgan

Call it the Battle of the Pipelines.

For the past two months, I’ve been reporting on the Bluegrass Pipeline—a proposal to build a new natural gas liquids pipeline across Kentucky and Ohio to connect existing infrastructure. Now, another company has announced plans to re-purpose an existing natural gas line across the Commonwealth for the same type of materials.

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Local News
2:59 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Kentucky's Jobless Rate Rises Again in July

Kentucky's unemployment rate rose slightly in July as the state's civilian labor force shrank, marking the third straight monthly increase in the jobless rate.

The Office of Employment and Training says the statewide rate rose to 8.5 percent,  up  from 8.4 percent in June.

The jobless rate has risen every month since April, when unemployment stood at 7.9 percent.

The national unemployment rate dropped to 7.4 percent in July, down from 7.6 percent the prior month.

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1:21 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Senator Rand Paul Calls on President Obama to End Foreign Aid to Egypt Amid Growing Violence

Citing the expanding chaos in Egypt, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., says President Obama isn't going far enough in the U.S. response to reports that hundreds have died amid violent protests.

The president rebuked the country's military leaders for its crackdown on demonstrators. In a brief press conference, Obama announced the U.S. is cancelling a joint military exercise with Egypt next month.

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1:00 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Kentucky's Long History of International Diplomacy

Matthew Barzun
Credit U.S. State Department

Today in Washington, Louisville businessman Matthew Barzun will be sworn in as the United States ambassador to the Court of St. James’—in other words, the United Kingdom. As such, he joins a long line of Kentuckians who have gone off to represent their government in foreign capitals.

Actually, this is Mr. Barzun’s second ambassadorship. In the first Obama term, he served as our minister to Sweden. He seems to be the first Louisvillian ever to hold posts to two countries.

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12:33 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Louisville Teacher and Councilwoman Seek Volunteers To Help Clean Up West End Bus Stops

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Attica Scott has organized a bus stop cleanup day in her district to help quell nerves associated with the first day of school.

Scott is the councilwoman for District 1 and she says the cleanup this Saturday will target bus stops in three neighborhoods: Park Duvalle, Chickasaw, and Parkland.

“We have dozens that need to be cleaned. We’ll probably get to 15 to 20 of them because we don’t want to just focus on the bus stop proper but we also want to look at entire block," she says.

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Arts and Humanities
11:23 am
Thu August 15, 2013

Watch | Abandoned Building Transformed into Arts Space

Open House, folded up. The York, Ala., structure unfolds into an open-air theater that seats 100 people.
Credit Matthew Mazzotta

There's an active push in Louisville to demolish vacant and abandoned properties. But what happens to those lots after the houses come down? In York, Alabama, an innovative partnership between artists and the community has addressed a lack of public space in town by transforming a blighted property into an interactive, usable community arts and gathering venue. 

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The Two-Way
10:46 am
Thu August 15, 2013

After Deaths Of Hundreds, More Bloodshed Feared In Egypt

Posters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi lay amid the rubble of a protest camp in Cairo after Wednesday's crackdown by government forces.
Ahmed Assadi EPA/Landov

Originally published on Thu August 15, 2013 4:30 pm

  • On 'Morning Edition': NPR's Leila Fadel reports from Cairo

"It's difficult to see a path out of this crisis, at least not without more people dying."

That's how NPR's Cairo bureau chief, Leila Fadel, ended her Morning Edition report Thursday. After Wednesday's deadly crackdown by Egyptian troops on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi — a crackdown that according to latest estimates left more than 500 people dead and 3,500 or so wounded — the fear is that there will be much more bloodshed.

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Local News
10:35 am
Thu August 15, 2013

Dwayne Sawyer Appointed Indiana Auditor; Becomes First Black Republican to Hold Statewide Office

Brandon Smith/Indiana Public Broadcasting

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has appointed a new state auditor.

Pence today announced the appointment of Dwayne Sawyer to replace Tim Berry, who stepped down to become the chairman of the state Republican Party.

Sawyer will be the first black Republican to hold a statewide office in Indiana.

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10:01 am
Thu August 15, 2013

Louisville Councilwoman, Tea Party Activist Says Matt Bevin Raising 'Good Questions'

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Marilyn Parker, R-18
Credit Parker campaign

Tea Party activist and Louisville Metro Councilwoman Marilyn Parker says businessman Matt Bevin’s entry in the Kentucky U.S. Senate primary against incumbent Mitch McConnell is good for Republicans in the state.

Parker hasn't endorsed either candidate and remains undecided on whom she’ll vote for in the primary contest.

But the city lawmaker believes the Bevin campaign is putting federal accountability and small government at the forefront of the 2014 campaign.

"Matt Bevin is raising a lot of good questions and he’s very articulate, and I think people will take note of him," she says. "And he’s going to bring issues that really the voters need to take a look at."

Earlier this year Parker had urged other Tea Party activists to reconsider a possible challenge to McConnell because of his leadership position in Washington. Attending the opening of the McConnell campaign headquarters, Parker told WFPL it was important not to jeopardize the senator's seat.

But that was before Bevin entered the race with the endorsement of more than a dozen Tea Party groups in Kentucky as well as support from outside conservative groups.

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