Arts and Humanities
4:01 pm
Wed July 31, 2013

'It Feels Like Coming Home': Matt Wallace on Rejoining Kentucky Shakespeare

Matt Wallace

The Kentucky Shakespeare board of directors announced today that Matt Wallace, former artistic associate at Kentucky Shakespeare and current Shakespeare Behind Bars artistic director, would be the company's new producing artistic director. The appointment follows Brantley Dunaway's July 15 resignation.

Wallace is already on the job, and he spoke with WFPL's Erin Keane this afternoon about coming back to the organization to which he feels both professionally and emotionally attached. 

How do you feel stepping into this role now, in 2013?

I’m excited to get this company on the right track, to get us going into the future while honoring the past and trying to learn from what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past, to take us forward.

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Arts and Humanities
2:46 pm
Wed July 31, 2013

Kentucky Shakespeare Names Matt Wallace Producing Artistic Director

Matt Wallace

The Kentucky Shakespeare board of directors announced today that Matt Wallace, former artistic associate for the organization (2001-2010) and current artistic director of Shakespeare Behind Bars, would re-join the organization as producing artistic director.

Wallace has strong ties in the local arts community. In addition to his work with Shakespeare Behind Bars, he is currently director of children's theatre and audience development at Derby Dinner Playhouse. Wallace directed productions for Kentucky Shakespeare through the 2010 summer season ("Richard III").  

Read an interview with Wallace on re-joining the company.

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2:45 pm
Wed July 31, 2013

Unusual Birds Nesting in St. Matthews

Mississippi Kite.
Courtesy Pam Spaulding

Today in St. Matthews wildlife: a pair of birds that aren’t native to the region have built a nest and hatched a chick in a neighborhood off Chenoweth Lane. Mississippi Kites are part of the raptor family—like hawks and eagles—but mainly eat insects.

The birds usually nest in the southern Great Plains, and along the Mississippi and lower Ohio Rivers, and this year marks the first confirmed nest in Louisville.

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Local News
12:31 pm
Wed July 31, 2013

Indiana Court Allows Planned Parenthood To Continue Serving Medicaid Patients

Indiana’s Planned Parenthood may continue serving Medicaid patients seeking preventative care and receiving reimbursements for those patients  following a court decision this week.

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU challenged an Indiana law signed by then Gov. Mitch Daniels in 2011 that defunded the organization--and similar organizations--because it offered abortions.

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Shots - Health News
12:12 pm
Wed July 31, 2013

More Moms Are Breast-Feeding, But Many Babies Still Miss Out

More than three quarters of new babies get at least a start at breast-feeding, according to the CDC.

Originally published on Wed July 31, 2013 12:28 pm

Three quarters of new mothers gave breast-feeding a try in 2010, and mothers are sticking with breast-feeding longer, according to federal data.

Almost 50 percent of babies are still being breast-fed at least sometime at 6 months of age, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's up from 35 percent in 2000.

The number of babies breast-feeding at 12 months also rose, from 16 percent in 2000 to 27 percent in 2010. Go moms!

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Food and Dining
7:07 am
Wed July 31, 2013

Louisville's Burgers Get Fancy

La Coop
Credit Ashlee Clark Thompson

Was I at the wrong restaurant?

Surely, the oozing mound of ground meat coated in cheese and spilling onto a pile of shoestring French fries wasn’t from the kitchen of La Coop: Bistro à Vins, a French restaurant at 732 East Market Street.

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It's All Politics
7:06 am
Wed July 31, 2013

Report: IRS Scrutiny Worse For Conservatives

The Internal Revenue Service is accused of singling out conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status for extra scrutiny.
Susan Walsh AP

Originally published on Wed July 31, 2013 11:56 am

House Republicans investigating IRS targeting of groups for extra scrutiny say they have proof conservatives had it worse.

A House Ways and Means Committee staff analysis of the applications of 111 conservative and progressive groups applying for tax exempt status found conservative applicants faced "more questions, more denials, more delays," says committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich.

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The Two-Way
7:06 am
Wed July 31, 2013

On Twitter, Scott Simon's Long Goodbye To His Mother

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon documented his mother's final days to his more than 1.2 million Twitter followers.
Stephen Voss NPR

Originally published on Tue July 30, 2013 5:22 pm

Fans of NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday no doubt noticed the absence of longtime host Scott Simon in recent weeks. What started as a well-earned vacation took a somber turn, as Scott told his Twitter followers on July 16 that his mother was in need of an emergency operation. "I can't talk. I'm surrounded by handsome men," he quoted her as saying while she was prepped for surgery.

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Andy Carvin (, @acarvin on Twitter) leads NPR's social media strategy and is NPR's primary voice on Twitter, and Facebook, where NPR became the first news organization to reach one million fans. He also advises NPR staff on how to better engage the NPR audience in editorial activities in order to further the quality and diversity of NPR's journalism.

During his time at NPR, Carvin has been interviewed on numerous NPR programs, including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, Tell Me More and The Diane Rehm Show, as an expert on Internet policy and culture and related topics.

11:08 pm
Tue July 30, 2013

Alison Lundergan Grimes Officially Kicks Off Senate Campaign in Lexington

Alison Lundergan Grimes' Senate campaign officially kicked off Tuesday in Lexington with an attack on Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell's for, among other things,  encouraging congressional gridlock and refusing to allow votes on the Senate floor.

“Indeed, over 400 times, governor, he has stood in the way and blocked votes from ever even coming to the floor,” Grimes said. “While Senator McConnell might be thriving, Kentucky is only barely surviving. After nearly 30 years in office, I’m here to tell you Senator McConnell, it stops now.”

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